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Mogfest 2013 - 5th to 7th October

Special announcement: Mercedes-Benz Australia Pacific, National Manager, Unimog and Special Trucks, Philip Leslie, has arranged for their Unimog 5000 demonstrator to be included in this years MogFest 2013, and also a very special military vehicle, a Zetros 1833 4x4, which will be returning to Germany after the event.

Also in attendance this year will be Hajo Brunsiek a Unimog enthusiast from Mercedes Special Trucks Department, Woerth Germany, who will be available to assist with information about the Unimog product.

You must register and receive your confirmation prior to Mogfest 2013. Available spots are limited so please register early.

Check out Mogfest Page for more info - http://unimogexpeditions.com.au/mogfest2013

Welcome to Australian Unimog Expeditions

Specialists servicing those who need to go to hard to get to places

Need to get people or equipment into (or out of) difficult or remote sites?

Look no further than

Australian Unimog Expeditions


We have military grade trucks ready to get you where you need to be

We have the experience and the means with:
  • U5000 Crewcab Unimog
  • U1700L Single cab Unimog with 1.5 t tailgate lifter and werner PTO winch
  • 4.5t Dog trailer with 4.0 x 2.5 M deck
  • 7.5t Hino Tipper
  • New Holland LS170 Skid Steer
  • Sealed Pantech body for moving sensitive equipment or used as a field office

Short or long term projects - whatever you need we can help. We travel all over Australia.
Big or small loads - no problem we can lift it with our 1.5 T tailgate lifter
Floods - We can ford up to 1.2 M which can get goods across flooded areas
Need Vehicle Recovery?
Give us a call we can help get your out of bother like we did with the prime mover on the Anne Beadell Highway.

Australian Unimog Expeditions can service all sorts of industries requiring access to difficult sites such as
  • Film/media – location scout, transport logistics 
  • Scientific
  • Surveying
  • Academic 
  • Telecommunications
  • Water resources
  • Disaster Assistance
  • Aid programs
  • Military
  • Photography
  • Charter tours
  • Mining and exploration 
  • Station support 

Australian Unimog Expeditions provide Farm support

If your tractor can't do the job, our Unimog probably can. Here Australian Unimog Expeditions help relocate a chook shed for Berrima Ridge Farm.

The Australian Unimog Expedition’s U5000 Unimog is an extreme off-roader that gets to places other vehicles just can’t reach. No matter how difficult the weather or how tough the terrain the crew cab Unimog will get your crew and equipment to the work site. Australian Unimog Expeditions can be relied on to be out there working whatever the conditions. The Mercedes Benz Unimog has the power and on road ability of a normal commercial vehicle cruising at 100 km/h on the highway.

Australia Unimog Expeditions combine this superior on road performance with Unimog’s legendary off-road capability to provide a vehicle that can be relied upon in even the most challenging terrain. So whether you need to move some equipment, get crew to the site, or just want to explore our remote outback, Australian Unimog Expeditions have the solution for the job. The U5000 Unimog has a huge pulling power, manoeuvrability and excellent driving characteristics making it an ideal towing vehicle for all transport jobs.It has hte power and payload to carry and haul equipement wherever you want to take it.  The U1700 Unimog is a single cab with a 4.3 m deck and a payload of 5t. It is fitted with a 1.5t tailgate lifter. It also can tow up to 9t. Whether it be a generator or lights, portaloos or construction equipment we will get it there for you. We have our own trailer or we can pull yours. We have a 4.5t dog trailer with a payload of 3t perfect to move loads over difficult terrain. We also have a pantech body (5.4 (l) x 2.5 (w) x 2.0 (h) M) that  is perfect for storing and transporting equipment that needs protection from the elements.

The crew at Australian Unimog Expeditions are committed to getting the job done with a minimum of fuss and that’s exactly what our Unimogs allow us to do. 

Australian Unimog Expeditions Recover Prime Mover bogged in desert

In June 2008 on our Colours of Australia Tour, the crew at Australian Unimog Expeditions came across a prime mover bogged on the Anne Beadell Highway. With his excavator broken down the driver was unable to get his big rig moving. No amount of pushing or pulling with a landcruiser was going to budge it.

This is where Australian Unimog Expeditions came in. We hooked up the prime mover and its rig to our Unimog and reveresed the Unimog. In no time at all the prime mover was out of the bog and able to continue its journey. 

Australian Unimog Expeditions extricating a prime mover on the Anne Beadell Highway

It just goes to show when the going gets tough Australian Unimog Expeditions will get you through.

Industry Support

Australian Unimog Expeditions will move your equipment or crew to wherever they need to be. In addition to our own trailer or hauling your trailer, Australian Unimog Expeditions can provide a bobcat and tip truck with a payload of 3.8 tonne if required. Our tough, reliable and versatile Unimog will get the job done no matter what the conditions. Our crew cab Unimog can move up to four passengers at one time and can move payloads of up to 5 tonne on our truck with an additional towing capacity of 7 tonne. The reliability and uncompromising all terrain capability means that we can get that load to the site in a prompt and timely manner with the minimum of fuss. We have done work for Warner Bros Movies on South Stradbroke Island moving equipment across the sand dunes and recovering a number of the other 4WD vehicles along the way.

We have recently purchased a fully sealed Pantech body with a 1.5 t tailgate lifter. We are now building an all-terrain dog trailer on which we will mount this body. Providing a solution for the movement of sensitive equipment which cannot be exposed to the elements.  This body may also be set up as a field office if you require.

Charter Tours

Australian Unimog Expeditions offers charter tours to customers wishing to experience outback Australia. Whether it be crossing the Gunbarrel highway or doing the Madigan Line of the Simpson Desert we have the experience and know how to get you there. With the completion of our expedition body we will be able to provide transport and accommodation for four passengers. Bring your own itinerary or tell us what you would like to see and we will plan a suitable itinerary for you. We have on board navigation to allow us to find even the most remote site. We have satellite and HF communications to ensure your safety. We can also provide support if you would like to drive your own vehicle but would like the safety and convenience of having the most reliable and versatile off-road vehicle with an experienced outback traveler to lead your journey. In addition we have contacts in the aviation industry and can arrange helicopter and light plane charters should you desire them. In 2008 we were part of the inaugural Colours of Australia Tour where an intrepid group of people from various walks of life, occupations and skill sets traveled through central Australian deserts on an art safari to capture the essence of the Australian outback on various forms of media. The art work was done under the direction of well known Australian Artist John Rigby.