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Unimog in action Gallery

  Unimog in action photo gallery, photos of our Unimog "The Truck" taken by Unimog Expeditions from a number of their expeditions.

loaded Unimog with trailer
Mercedes Benz 4WD towing lightsMercedes Benz Unimog crawling up the rocksMercedes Benz Unimog in Australian desertMerceedes U5000 on beachMercedes Unimog at EmuAustralian Unimog Expeditions recovering a bogged semi trailer on the Anne Beadell Highway
Onboard mapping with Oziexplorer on Panasonic Toughbook in Australian Unimog Expedition VehicleUnimog on the crest of a dunePortable HelipadPost recovery handshake
Twin Cab Unimog descending rocksTypical beach exit trackU5000 Unimog on Southern Highlands
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