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Dog trailer tested out in rough terrain

Information Unimog - Sunday, May 23, 2010
The dog trailer has now undergone some extensive testing both in the sand dunes around Seaspray, Victoria and on some rocky terrain in the Southern Highlands of NSW. The unimog performs remarkably well and doesn't even seem to notice that there is a loaded trailer behind it. The unimog was easily able to pull the trailer loaded with some spare tyres over the sand dunes and back down the other side. To give it even more of a challenge we loaded the trailer with a 2.5t skid steer and took it over some steep and rocky terrain in the southern highlands. Again the unimog performed exceptionally well. It easily pulled the trailer over uneven ground, rocky ledges and up and down a steep rocky incline without a second thought. We are now well equipped to service any industry that needs to move plant and equipment to difficult sites. With the skid steer which has both a four in one bucket and forks we are well placed to provide materials handling on location as well as load and unload the unimog and trailer with ease.
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