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Demonstration of Torsional Flexibillity

Information Unimog - Sunday, November 06, 2016

You've got to love the torsional flexibility of these Unimogs.

We put the U400, U5023 and U1300 up on the 500mm offset ramps and watched the extremely torsionally flexible vehicle frame perform. #Mogfest Down Under

Mogfest Down Under 2016 Report

Information Unimog - Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Mogfest Down Under 2016 Report
We were pleased to see over 60 people attend our Mogfest Down Under 2016 over the weekend at our property in the Southern Highlands of NSW. We had new and old trucks and all sorts of expedition vehicles in attendence. We shared some laughs and stories and all our knowledge about what works and what doesn't when designing, building and using our Expedition Vehicles. We heard from Phil all about the latest U5023 Unimog and why its so good. Julie shared with us the design and build of Australian Unimog's Expedition Vehicle a job done almost single handedly by Jim. We saw some great shots of where the Expedition Vehicle has been in action all over Australia. Mark shared with us some footage of the earthcruisers in the desert and on other tracks. We ate and drank and played with trucks to our hearts content. We were so busy having fun we didn't even have time to place posts on facebook.

Australian Unimog Expeditions- Jim and Julie Curtin, would like thank everyone who came along for making our Mogfest Down Under 2016 such a successful event and hope to see you all at our next event (which hopefully might be a little warmer and less windy!) A special thank you to Craig for all his help in our preparations, our chefs Duncan and Urs and their co-helpers and Phil for letting us have a new U5023 to play with for the weekend.