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Unimog in action Gallery

  Unimog in action photo gallery, photos of our Unimog "The Truck" taken by Unimog Expeditions from a number of their expeditions.

Anthill mound of Great Victorian DesertAustralian Unimog Expeditions on the rocksSnow chains on Australian Unimog Expeditions TruckOn the Connie Sue HighwayConnie Sue Highway to Neale Junction
Crew cab unimog parked in desertCrewcab Unimog U5000 on desert trackCrewcab Unimog with generator on trailerAustralian Unimog Expeditions dashcam shot of the Gunbarrel HighwayBy Beadell Marker on Australian Unimog Expeditions Desert trip June 2008
Generator on the beachHelicopter over UnimogHelicopter working with UnimogHelicopters can be chartered if necessary