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The Unimog


  • Mercedes Benz Crew Cab U5000 Unimog
  • Ultimate Expedition Vehicle
  • First of its kind in Australia
  • Superiority in extreme off road conditions
  • Outstanding on-road performance
  • Top of the line model in the current series
  • Additional upgrades to driveline and carrying capacity 
  • Combined vehicle mass of up to 32t in off-road situations



The Australian Unimog Expeditions Mercedes Benz Crew cab U5000 Unimog is the first of its kind in Australia. Purchased by Australian Unimog Expedtions in 2007 the Unimog was selected because of its superiority in extreme off-road conditions as well as its outstanding on-road performance. The U5000 unimog is the top of the line model in the current series of Unimogs and the Australian Unimog Expeditions’ Unimog has had further upgrades to the driveline and carrying capacity enabling our Unimog to move a combined vehicle mass of up to 32 t in off-road situations.


The Expedition Body

Australian Unimog Expeditions have custom designed and built the ultimate Expedition Vehicle. This vehicle which comfortably accommodates 4 people has been extensively tested in extreme remote and offroad environments. The body is made of a sandwich panel with a multipanel core and a fibreglass skin made up of vinyl ester resins. This material is 36 mm thick and is extremely strong and durable, as well as  providimg a high R value and excellent insulation properties. The design of the body is non-conductive to maximise the insulation properties and prevent internal condensation. The internal joinery is done with an extremely lightweight sandwich panel trimmed with solid cherry timber giving an aesthetically pleasing finish. The galley contains a stainless steel benchtop, a Webasto Diesel X100 cooktop, a Dometic sink and Dometic Rangehood. The fridge is a 215 L Waeco 24 Volt T-rated fridge with 43 L freezer providing plenty of refrigeration. The internal lighting throughout the body is dimmable LEDS with dual band(red/white) lighting. The large dining area is on a Linak electronic actuator driven slide out and provides comfortable seating for four adults and the table is finished with a Hema map of Australia on Laminex.  There is a full size double bed with the extremely comfortable tailor made Fanello mattress that provides optimum under-bed ventilation. The dining table can be dropped on electronic actuators to create a second double bed. A Truma Combi D diesel heater provides hot water and thermostatically controlled internal air heating. The bathroom contains a toilet and shower, with a Sealand Vacuum toilet (with a separate blackwater holding tank capable of holding up to 70 flushes). Grey water is collected into a 140 L holding tank. This utility room also doubles as a drying room thanks to the placement of diesel air heating outlets. There is a large pantry able to cater for 4 people for a month in remote areas. There is extensive storage throughout the body. Power is obtained through 900 kW Kopf ultrathin lightweight solar panels glued directly to the roof. Four FullRiver 130 AmpH AGM batteries store the house power. A 3000 W 70 Amp Victron Inverter/Charger manages the power supply. A full battery monitoring system is installed. The truck carries 350 L of fresh water in 4 separate tanks with drinking water passing through a ceramic Seagull IV water filter at the tap. In addition water can be collected from bores, dams, rivers and creeks using a petrol driven water pump and passed though  our four stage filtration/UV  water purification system before being placed into our water tanks.Air conditioning is provided by a Truma Aventa Comforter Air conditioner. The Windows are a combination of KCT and Dometic  double glazed , non-conductive windows with screens and blinds. The KCT windows being made of tempered safety glass are installed on all external walls when the slide out is closed and have stainless steel covers to provide security when the vehicle is in storage or shipping. The internal and external climate is monitored by an Oregon Weather station. A 24 volt Avtex TV/DVD player with both digital and Satellite Tuners is installed on a lockable swivel bracket so that it can be watched from both the dining setting and the bedroom.

Specifications of Australian Unimog Expedition’s U5000 Unimog:







Fording Capability


Fuel Capacity:


Ground Clearance:

Approach and departure angles:

Ramp over angle:

Hill climbing ability

Side slope angle:
Euro 3 Mercedes Benz 4 cylinder diesel 218 hp engine with 810 nM of torque developed at 1200 rpm. Cyclone filter on air intake pipe Gearbox: The U5000 Unimog comes standard with fully synchronised gear box with 8 forward and 6 reverse gears. We have upgraded this with an off-road group of gears with an additional 8 forward and 8 reverse gears. The gearbox has electronic automatic shifting. Our Unimog has quick reversing between forward and reverse gears with synchromesh Electronic Quick Reverse (EQR). This mode lets us change direction quickly and rock ourselves out of any precarious off-road situation

Michelin XZL 365/85R20 with central tyre inflation

Portal axles with hub reduction and front and rear differential locks which can be engaged or disengaged electropneumatically while driving without any interruption of the tractive force.

Helical springs with telescoping shock absorbers

24 volt electric system with NATO batteries with heavy duty 100 Amp alternator

3850 mm

up to 1.2 m of water

Dual cab with seating for up to 5

400 L diesel

Automatic pneumatic snow chains fitted

500 mm



up to 100%